Rules and regulations for Mumbai Escorts

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Rules and regulations for Escorts Service in Mumbai

Being an escort is thought to be a risk business by many people. In any case, security tips for escorts are currently extremely normal and utilized by essentially everyone. Here is a bundle of do’s and don’t that should keep you out of issue with customers and with the law.

Do your best to be mysterious

Avoid attempts by customers to get your personal residence. It could have awful outcomes down the line. A few customers are known to be obsessed on a specific escort, which is not beneficial for your business.

Try not to call or get calls from your customers on a billed cell phone. Your bills can undoubtedly open your details to nosey customers and they may get your address by utilizing information robbery components.

Utilize a prepaid telephone for your business transactions as an escort. This will guarantee that no one approaches through your personal details due to the telephone calls that you get or make.

If conceivable, don’t convey anything in your purse that personally identifies you. It could end up being an error if the customer turns out not to be perfect one.


Payment is an huge in some cases with many customers. Here is the thing that you can do about it.

Request that the customer pay in advance for your escort services or when you arrive.

Don’t accept CREDIT CARDS from your customers as a gift. When you spend cash from it, the customer can later dispute it and drive you lawfully to pay it back to you. If you don’t have any record of your business as an escort with the customer, you may wind up having a spend.

Don’t accept checks from your customer. Checks can be scratched off and your payments can be ceased. Generally, you can’t go back complaining about it to your customers. The same goes for cash arranges as well, as they also can be cancelled whenever.

New client

When you agree to give escort services to new customer, make it clear to him about the terms and conditions.

Tell him exactly what your services includes, to what extent the service endures and what kind of payments you expect.

Try not to discuss sex with new customer

Gather as much information as you can about your customer. If he has a home telephone number, you should have the capacity to discover something about his history from sources, for example, credit reports.

Try not to work with a customer who says that he has no home telephone number and just has a prepaid mobile phone for speaking with you. More likely than not, he has something to avoid you.

Find out about him from other escorts, and confirm his name and area. The screening procedure is critical for your security. Just acknowledge to serve those customers that pass through your test.

At the point when on an outcall

You should be additional cautious when you are reserving an outcall. Here is the thing that you should do.

The main thing that you should do is confirm the address of your customer. You need to realize that the address you got is a honest to goodness one, particularly not a place in a lonely area.

Do organize your own transportation to and from your customer’s home. You don’t know when you should leave and believing your customers to lift you up FROM HOME and dropping you off is not a decent choice. Besides, you are uncovering your deliver to your customer along these lines.

If conceivable, have a driver drive you to the customer’s place. This is particularly useful when your customer is residing in an unknown area. This way you realize that you have some somebody sitting tight for you if things go amiss.

If the customer says he has booked at a HOTEL, get his data and check from the front desk if his name and number are registered. If not, he is most likely remaining at the live with a fake name and isn’t a sheltered recommendation.

Tell your customer that you prefer toward an upscale HOTEL FOR your escort service as opposed to a home or motel.

Try not to acknowledge calls from a client in the event that he demands that you don’t go with a driver or by a taxi. This is generally an unmistakable sign that his expectations aren’t perfect.


Monitoring your environment, it causes you to be sheltered.

On the off chance that you are on an outcall with another customer, achieve the place somewhat early and review the environment.

At the point when to scratch off

Here are a couple of circumstances where you should wipe out your booking.

When you land at your customer’s place and discover more individuals with him. You didn’t agree to accept this.

On the off chance that you find that you host landed to a get-together, there might be more individuals around sitting tight for you, which isn’t a decent sign.

The place has uproarious music. This could be so individuals can’t hear you yell on the off chance that anything turns out badly.

Being sheltered

Try not to convey excessively trade out your handbag when you are giving support of a customer.

On the off chance that you have somebody like a driver sitting tight outside for you, at that point illuminate your customer. It will tell the customer that he needs to carry on.

When you speak with your customer surprisingly, converse with somebody other than you, for example, a companion or relative (regardless of the possibility that they are absent). This will tell the customer that there are peoples who know where you are at a given time.

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